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Concert with The Civil Wars

I think this is the 3rd time i’ve shared my photos of the civil wars but only because I think its important you know who they are (if you don’t already). they played for a small crowd at a friends loft last year and i had the opportunity to photograph them. they are an incredible duo that is hitting the music industry by storm…a really big storm.  go to itunes right now and download their music…right this second.

also check out one of my absolute favorite photographers Tec Petaja who did their barton hollow album art.


Pictures from South Korea

In February I had the opportunity to travel to South Korea with 2 friends to visit our friend teaching in Gwangju. We split our 2 week trip between Gwangju & Seoul. The whole time we were there it felt like it was -4 which definitely makes you want to keep your hands in your pockets but of course I didn’t and below are my favorite photos. You can’t really tell how cold it is by the photos because for some reason Koreans weren’t near as bundled up as we were. At times I was so cold it literally hurt. Besides the winter weather South Korea was an amazing time. I experienced everything from Noraebang to Kimichi and now have some K-POP artists on my ipod. Here is a mix of some artists and my favorite Super Junior.